An Absinthe-Loving, Polyamorous, Kinky, Sex-Positive Couple talk about all things Sex, Kink, and LGBTQ.

Popped that cherry

Last night we made highly anticipated first visit to Eyz Wide Shut.  We had added our names to the Event list on Swing Life Style two days before, and because of it were recognized by some very friendly other members.

To regress, Wednesday we went shopping.  Mrs. AbsinthePassion wanted a new slinky dress and some new stripper/fuck me heels to wear for our first visit, and we needed to pick up a pair of crotchless fishnets.  We figured in the heat of the moment being able to just lift the bottom of the dress, drop the top, and pull the thong to the side would make for some easier access.  (Turns out it’s good to be prepared!)  We ended up with three new dresses — two very clingy, dropped back affairs that barely cover her ass but don’t do much for showing her cleavage, one in a silver zebra print and the other in the print, but in hot pink.  The third dress is a short, flowing, empire waist black dress with a deep plunge cut for the cleavage.  The cuts of both dresses required picking up a new bra and some new thongs as well, and while we were at it we picked up some new makeup to better complement the pink dress, as we decided that would be the best outfit to wear to keep from projecting the  Newbie image.  We wanted everybody there to know we had no intentions of being spectators!

Prep work for our first visit was exhausting.  Mrs. AP spent a good portion of the afternoon dyeing her hair to bring her trademark flame red hair back to proper order, and we both needed a good Veeting to make sure all of our pretty parts were as smooth and sexy as could be.  We both prefer being practically hairless from the neck down anyway, so it’s a once a week routine for us anyway.  We spent the entire afternoon while getting ready discussing what our expectations were, what our hopes were, what we wanted and did not want to see happen, and how to let each other know when somebody caught our eye, something felt wrong, or when we wanted a little something more.  We both know that good communication between us requires constant effort, especially on my part as I did NOT come well trained when she met me, and we wanted to make sure we had ways to handle nearly every situation.

After showers, hair, and makeup were all in proper order we left to go pop our Swinger Club cherries.  

We got there around 10:45 and after filling out the form and getting our Full Access wristbands made our way over to the bar.  The crowd was light, which we expected for a Thursday, and we couldn’t have counted more than 30 people in the place.  There were 2 couples cozied up in a booth together, a few single guys wandering around, and most everybody else was couples over at the bar area.  A bit to my disappointment, almost everybody seemed older than us by 15 years or more, and of the single guys only two seemed like good prospects.  One was a tall black guy built like an NFL safety and the other was a guy who bore a striking resemblance to film star William Fichtner.  We grabbed a drink for each of us (Black Russian made with Godiva vodka) and a Red Bull for Mrs. AP to wake her up, and we snagged a booth in the middle of the room to try to calm the nerves.

Oh my goodness the nerves.  Our anxiety levels were at record highs.  We both had that butterflies in the stomach feeling from the moment we left the house, and they were so bad when we got out of the car to head inside that we were shaking trying to stand or walk.  To every nervous Newbie out there, let me just say, trying to fight it only makes it worse.  Over thinking or trying to analyze every little thing just compounds the nervousness.  The only way to get through it is to ride it out.  Eventually the anxiety will settle and the nervousness will pass.  Just give it time and remember, everybody in the place has had them before.  They’ll understand first time jitters.

Anyway, after 45 minutes or so of sitting at the booth getting comfortable, sipping our drinks and letting the nerves calm while we talked and flirted with each other and watched all manner of people come and go throughout the room, we decided we needed to find our way over to the lodging side, even if we didn’t have anybody joining us yet.  We walked past the bar into the game room thinking maybe there was a way through without having to step outside — we were wrong — and then walked back into the main room.  We were snagged by a group of people at the bar.  One of the women recognized us from SLS and took a very quick interest in Mrs. AP, much to our amusement.  We were introduced to the actor lookalike — his name was L* — and he took a VERY quick and hard interest in Mrs. AP as well.  We made our way over to the lodging side and after a few nervous moments of deciding where to go we took up L’s offer to settle into Lover’s Lane and see what happens.

Lover’s Lane is an interesting place.  One enters through a pair of glass French Doors — the glass is refracted and in sectioned panes to give hints of what’s going on inside — on one of the short walls, which is about 15 feet wide.  There are leather sectional couches with ottomans stretching nearly the entire length of the long walls, each about 50 feet, with large canopy beds at the far end of the room for more exuberant play.  There’s a wall mounted TV above the couches on the wall to the left running porn.  Some of the couch arrangements make little squared off areas for a limited privacy effect, but everybody in the room has a view of everybody else at all times.  We walked in to see several couples in various stages of play, from still heavy petting to oral with clothes mostly still on to completely naked and thrusting against each other.

We sat in the corner closest to the door and invited L to sit next to us.  Mrs. AP was in the middle, me on her right and L on her left.  Her nerves had hit another level, so to redirect them I reached into her dress and started pinching her nipples while nuzzling her neck.  L put his hand on her left leg and started stroking it, his hand slowly pushing higher and higher.  I kissed her, pinching her nipple hard, and as I reached up to pull the top of her dress down she gasped and arched her back.  She told me later his hand had found her clit and at that exact moment all of her anxiety disappeared into a cloud of “Oh gods yes.”

L went to work with his hand between her legs, rubbing her clit through her thong while I pulled her dress down and pulled her 38DD breasts out from her bra.  I started pinching, licking, sucking and biting on her nipples, alternating to kiss her, as L’s hand strummed a flamenco guitar rhythm on her clit that had her cumming in seconds.  We pulled her dress up to give a better view, and he pulled her thong to the side to slide 2 fingers deep inside her, which set her off again.  His hand worked in and out in a fast rhythm, driving into her, as she bucked against him and moaned in delight.  After only a few minutes of this her thong was soaked, so we stripped it off and dropped it in the carry bag we brought with our supplies.  L’s hand went right back to work, shoving 3 fingers inside her now and in no time flat she squirted all over the couch.

We decided now would be a good time to find one of the private rooms, so we composed ourselves enough to walk into the hallway and I grabbed the security guard to let us into one of the rooms.  We closed the curtains and dimmed the lights, and L asked if he could undress Mrs. AP.  We consented, and in no time flat all 3 of us were in our naked glory.  L had a nice body, just the right amount of muscle without being overly so, and his cock in it’s flaccid state hung down a good 4 inches with a prominent head on it.  We got on the bed in the same configuration we were in on the couch and L immediately went back to work on Mrs. APs soaking wet pussy.  He had 4 fingers in her and had her cumming again in under 10 seconds, and in less than 20 seconds after that she was squirting once more.  I knelt next to her head and she devoured my cock as I pinched and twisted and pulled at her nipples, L assaulting her pussy as she squirted time and time again.

L was so impressed by how much Mrs. AP can squirt — we had soaked half the sheet at this point — that he asked if she could take his whole fist.  We know she can take mine at home no problem with a little lube, and that it’s easiest once she’s squirted, so we pulled out the Eros Platinum lube we brought with us and L lubed his hand.  With just a little bit of effort and some well-times twisting on his part he soon had his entire hand inside Mrs. AP pussy.

I love the sounds Mrs. AP makes when she’s being fisted.  Her moans drop to this deep, guttural register and she searches for breath in these hard, primal gasps.  Her whole body rises off the bed, her back arching and her head thrashing and her hands grasping for anything she can get so she can dig her nails in as her hips buck hard.  It’s the most powerful, most erotic, most amazing orgasms she has, and she hit that place hard with L’s hand twisting inside her.  She came so hard she popped him out 3 or 4 times, and each time he popped out she’d squirt again, easily flooding the entire end of the bed and hitting the floor.

As L finally pulled his hand out, Mrs. AP was awash in a sea of post-orgasmic bliss.  He knelt at her side, offering his cock for her to play with.  Mrs. AP was a very happy woman to have a cock in each hand, and there was something extremely erotic of seeing her engagement ring as it was sliding up and down L’s cock, all while she was squeezing and stroking me with the same rhythm.  Sadly, L had just a few too many beers at the bar earlier, and wasn’t rising to the occasion.   He tried, poor man, but even when Mrs. AP had both hands on his cock to stroke his shaft and tease his head at the same time he just couldn’t get hard enough to put on the condom.  He thanked us for the wonderful time, got dressed, and left the two of us alone with about 5 – 10 minutes left until closing.

I know the thing Mrs. AP loves best after she’s squirted, been fisted, or both is to have a hard, throbbing cock inside her, and I wasn’t about to let her down.  I slipped on one of the condoms we brought and buried myself inside her in one hard stroke.  I started slow but strong and slowly built up a rhythm until all we could hear was the sound of two bodies slapping hard against each other.  She squirted two more times with me deep inside her, flooding my cock and balls and further adding to the ocean she’d made of the bed.  We fucked, pure and primal, both moaning and crying out until I exploded in one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve had in a long time.

We caught our breath, slowly rolled off the wet mess we’d made of the bed, dried off as best we could with both the wipes we brought and the towels provided, and dressed.  We were one of the last few people out of the building, we think, as over half the cars that had been in the parking lot when we got there were now gone.  We sat in the car decompressing for a bit, both still unsteady from the massive orgasms we’d had, and reviewed everything that had just happened.  Both of us were a bit amused that we ended up naked in bed with a guy we’d only met 15 minutes prior, and Mrs. AP confessed that she hadn’t even caught his name when he introduced himself.  Part of us thought we should be almost embarrassed or ashamed about that, but we both felt secure that we’d caused no harm, we were both still good with ourselves and each other, and neither of us felt any regret.   To borrow a line from Josh and BB, sluthood never felt so good!

We weren’t ready to head home quite yet but didn’t want to loiter in the parking lot so we drove to the closet 24 hour Starbucks and each got a small drink, talking all the way about how exciting it was and how easy it all became.  We discussed how I need to do a better job at catching when she’s lost the ability to really talk and to step up and speak for her.  We realized we kept passing the lead in the conversation and the happenings between us, neither one really taking the lead so much as we were acting like we’ve always striven to be as a couple; a team.

We were getting hungry at this point, neither one of us having really eaten since 1:30 that afternoon, about 12 hours earlier.  We hit a drive-thru on the way home, and as we got closer to the house I told her she needed to keep the dress on because I hadn’t had the chance to fuck her in it yet.

We hit the house, passed off food to the roommate that we picked up for him, locked the door, and I grabbed her and kissed her hard, letting all my passion and arousal and love for her out in one deep kiss.  I pulled the top of the dress down and spun her around to unhook her bra, then pulled than off and grabbed each of her breasts hard, pinching her nipples and pulling her hard against me while nipping at her neck, all of which caused to her become soaking wet again.  I bent over, pulled her dress up, and slid deep inside her, rocking the bed with each thrust as I grabbed her shoulders and put one hand against the spot on her neck that really sets her off.  We fucked hard and fast, both of us moaning, and every time she came on my cock she’d get so tight I could barely move.  We kept it up until I exploded deep inside her, and we collapsed against the side of the bed for a bit.

We wiped off, ate, and finished stripping.  Upon putting the clothes in the hamper I turned around as Mrs. AP asked for more attention.  Not one to deny My Lady as request, I hopped on the bed and started playing with her freshly fucked, still excited pussy.  I slid two fingers inside her and she started cumming almost immediately as I pushed against her G-spot.  I moved to three fingers and she came even harder, getting even more wet.  I grabbed the lube, gave her a good rubbing with it, and moved to 4 fingers, of which she only needed 30 seconds before she was again squirting, soaking the towel she’d put down.  With a little more lube on my hand I slid my whole hand inside her, made a fist inside her, and twisted it back and forth while thrusting as she came and came and came all over me.  After a few minutes of this I pulled my hand out, catching 4 fingers hard against her G-spot, and she exploded with her most violent squirting of the night, showering my chest and stomach and cock for a good 10 seconds with squirt after squirt until she collapsed back against the pillows.

I kept playing with her for a few more minutes, triggering more orgasms, until she begged me to fuck her ass.  I grabbed the lube, soaked my cock, and pushed steadily into her until I was completely buried.  A light rocking of my hips started her moaning again, and soon we were back into full force fucking.  I started feeling a tingling through my whole body, and as it built and built and she came and came it started to crest.  As she squirted all over me one more time I exploded in a mind-shattering orgasm and collapsed on top of her, trembling from the release.

After a few minutes of aftercare we rolled off the new mess we’d made and stumbled into the shower, then stripped the bed, put on a clean sheet, and collapsed for a day of sleep.

Afternote:  She woke up while I was writing this recap, and the discussion of things led to her sucking me dry while I gently fucked her face, me eating her to some soft orgasms, and then some deep love making as we reconnected.  The night was fun, but the day after and the reconnecting and rehashing have been the best part.  There’s nobody else more wonderful for me.

Stay SINful, friends.

* All names are changed to product the guilty. ^_^

10 responses

  1. Mr AStP,

    It sounds like you had a great time. It took me a while to realize that I could have a great night swinging even if I did not fuck another woman.

    Mr. No Name

    April 8, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    • We did have a good time. Right now I have the best times when Mrs. AP enjoys herself, and she did that in spades. I know we’re the odd couple in the place preferring the single male over other couples, but right now that works for us.

      We’re hoping for a better crowd on our next visit on Friday.

      April 8, 2012 at 7:17 pm

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