An Absinthe-Loving, Polyamorous, Kinky, Sex-Positive Couple talk about all things Sex, Kink, and LGBTQ.

Insert Mandatory Introductory Post Here!

Well, this is where it all starts.  Mrs. AbsinthePassion and I (Mr. AbsinthePassion — original, huh?) are embarking on a new journey together.  We’ve been talking about it for awhile, but this is it, the real deal.

Thursday we’re paying our first visit to Eyz Wide Shut.  We’ve been talking off and on for awhile about it now, and we’re going to make it happen.  I’m trying to go in without expectations, since neither of us have ever been to a Swingers club before, but I’m really hoping we find another guy or two there with whom we click enough to run over to the lodging side and have some fun.  I love being there, touching her, feeling her, and giving her something to play with while she’s being fucked, and it’s been forever since we’ve had somebody else join us.

So yes, we’ve had another guy with us before.  For a year it wasn’t just us two, it was her (now Ex-) Husband as well, and the group dynamics were always fun.  We’ve not had anything like that for awhile now, and I’m hoping we can kill the slump.

Stay tuned here for our further adventures.   Check our SINful Insights section to learn more about us both.

Stay SINful, friends. ^_^

4 responses

  1. Hi AStP (I am to lazy to type it all out 😀 )

    I came across your blog through Josh & BB’s blog. Welcome to the community of bloggers and swingers. From your post, it seems that you are already experienced in many aspects of this adventure. I understand that it can be very hard for Bi guys in the lifestyle, so I wish you the best of luck.

    SM (my wife) and I were in Clearwater over the weekend to catch a Spring Training game. It is a beautiful city and we wished we could stay longer.

    I will add you to my reading list and look forward to future posts.

    Mr. No Name

    April 4, 2012 at 11:04 am

  2. Josh

    Rule #1: Have fun! If you manage to find someone then great. If not, fuck each other’s brains out!

    Actually that’s all the rules I can think of. Swinging is a lot of fun if it’s done right. Welcome to the blogosphere.

    April 4, 2012 at 7:47 pm

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